Racial Stereotypes In Sports

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Because of racial stereotypes in athletics, it is easier for black athletes to be successful and become professionals in their sport.
Identity contingencies are the things you have to deal with in a situation because people have a certain social identity. Everyone faces social contingencies throughout their life. When we are judged or treated accordingly it is known as a stereotype threat. This is because we care so much about what other people think. We encounter stereotype threats everyday.
There is also racial athletic stereotypes in football recruiting. Coaches use biased subjective evaluations of players based on their race and similar objective evaluations. Coaches also have greater overall resources to the black recruit than the
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The NBA is full of thugs. The majority of the NBA players are black but just because they are black it doesn’t mean that they are thugs. Duke only recruits rich white kids. There is black men who play for duke and there is other teams that have more white men on the team than duke. The majority of NFL players must be taking human growth hormone. A lot of the football players are jacked and most of them have probably taken some type of growth hormone to make them better. Black athletes showboat too much. They are not the only ones to showboat but they do seem to showboat a lot which is not that good for sportsmanship. White athletes lack athleticism so they rely on their intelligence to get an edge. Just because you are white doesn’t mean that you are not as athletic or that you are smarter. Black athletes lack intelligence so they rely on their superior athleticism to get an edge. Just because someone is black doesn't mean they aren’t smart or that they are athletic. Asians are inferior at sports compared to the rest of the world. Everyone's cultures are different which means some cultures involve different sports than others. There is a lot of stereotypes out in the world and most of them are bad and negatively affect people's performance due to stereotypes.
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