Racial Stereotypes In The Film 'The Untouchables'

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Racial stereotyping is not uncommon in the USA and some European countries given the multiracial nature of these societies. The media has over the years been utilized to depict how various races relate and how dominant races have influenced the minorities in terms of the sociodynamics of life. The film industry has particularly been on the forefront in showing the racial inequalities that exist among the various races. Intouchables highlights the stereotypes that define the relationship between the majority white community and the black Americans. Revolving around the life of a multibillionaire Philippe and a Black American named Driss, the film is a rather depiction of what the majority white race thinks about the minority Blacks bit not the reality.
Stereotypes are generalizations and are not a true reflection of an individual’s real potential and the movie does exactly that. It generally attributes the traits and values of a group of people and extends such a trait or
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Driss comes to the interview in a T-shirt and has no intention whatsoever of getting employed. Instead he came to the interview to have his forms signed that he is not employed so that he may be a welfare services beneficiary. This depicts the black society as people who are not concerned with formal employment and are comfortable with other means of earning a living other than studying (Steele 43). Throughout history US society has depicted the minority black population as being less concerned with education and rather choosing to engage in artistic activities such as music and sports. One may argue that black people are talented and that it explains why most of them indeed choose to engage in artistic activities rather than engage in the white collar jobs. These are stereotypes and it cannot be denied that there are white Americans who have indeed engaged and excelled in artistic activities such as music and