Essay about Racism and Harper Lee

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26th February

What do you notice in your research?


Segregation was prevalent in all aspects of life


There were parallels in Harper Lee’s life with TKAM

Scotsb. boys – wrongly accused of rape
Now in Harper Lee’s story – Tom Robinson - an event she lived through may have inspired something in her writing, some character names and characters in the novel, Harper Lee’s dad was a lawyer, her mum had bi-polar so had mental illness so present but not engaged, there was poverty, there were social differences in white society as well as black, poor and rich whites, but blacks were generally poor, none of the level of Atticus and his family
Great Depression – these times were difficult times, set in difficult times, such as the young boy Cunningham, who couldn’t take lunch as he couldn’t pay for it, Walter Cunningham’s pride in paying off his debt, young boy Burris Ewell who only comes to school to get his name marked off role, dad is neglectful, poor children who are neglected (Ewing) and poor children who are looked after (Cunningham)
White and poor with self respect and pride (Cunningham)
Black and poor with self respect and pride (Robinson)
White and poor and no self respect, pride or human goodness
Don’t ever say Scout is Harper Lee because it is not an autobiography

TKAM is an enduring and lasting novel
Lee wants to share her point of view, her message
Novel published in 1960 so she was working on it in the 1950s
Never really know someone until you walk around in someone’s shoes
Story to tell from her experiences and what she has witnessed
About injustice (white woman expressing these views back then, revolutionary, legendary)
Everyone entitled to justice