Racism and New York Beacon Essay

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Realities of Racism

Tim Boetsma

Davenport Universtiy

Professor Masten


Abstract Racism is a one way that is keeping our world from having peace, if people would no longer be racist, instead everyone getting along with one another we would be starting a major movement. Everyone has a story about racism, about discrimination, or know a time that they said a racist joke or slur, most of these times we do not realize the effects that it has on others around us. Segregation is a word that needs to disappear from the dictionary. In doing this we can start moving towards the change we need in our racist world. This way no more people will be shot just because they looked suspicious or shady. This way every race in our world will be able to come together, joining hands, with no anger or bitterness towards one another.

Pain and suffering Racism is an on-going issue in our world that seems to be never ending. Different races that are not “superior” in a certain country are looked down on, discriminated against, belittled, mistreated, and much more. This has been happening for years and years, from the slavery the African Americans went through to the driving of Indians off their home land, different races have been suffering for centuries. “Dr. Charles Quist-Adade's three-part series on race and racism is where he says people compare what was and what is and say that “We have come a long way indeed.” (Quist-Adade's, 2006) Although many countries, states, provinces, cities, and towns are becoming diverse the judgement of races in these areas still adhere. Racism is even present in the little city of Zeeland Michgian. This is where the story originates, a story of a young boy who grew up with a very white mindset on everything, not knowing or being friends with anyone of any other color or race. It was a hot summer, and Jimmy's dad had just bought a new business that he would be working at all summer long. The business was a huffing and polishing shop, with no air conditioning in the 20,000 square foot building except in the offices. Jimmy's first day on the job he was working in the back sweeping up buffing compound, this is when he noticed that nearly 80% of the workers were minorities. He then thought that this entire summer he was going to be the minority, the one guy that does not know the main language that is spoke in the area, the outcast, odd guy out, the awkward “gringo.” A few weeks went by working at the shop when his dad had a saturday morning management cleaning day. The morning started off early heading into work with his father and grabbing a coffee on the way. Most of the management team was actually white except two of the guys. Jimmy had never met these guys, and they both looked a little shady which set off an alarm in his mind to watch out. Of course these two men whose names are Jorge and Raphael are the men that he would be working with all day long. Jimmy did not know what to think or do when he found out he was working with two Mexicans all day, with the little spanish he knew he figured it would be a long day ahead of him. Raphael, a skinny, tattoo covered, tall Mexican man was the one that started most of the conversation for the first few hours. Jimmy could tell he was just trying to be friendly and get to know him so he did the same back. After a few hours of talking, Jimmy grew to like these two guys, especially Jorge's laugh, which was a deep belly laugh. Jorge was a very large man that most likely weighed 300lbs and may be one of the funniest people Jimmy had ever met in his life. With Jorge being the funny one, Raphael also had a comical side to him along with a big heart to care. Through this day Jimmy had learned that Raphael was divorced and remarried, living in Holland with his wife and two children,