Essay on Racism and New York City

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Alex Lin The leak of our civil rights law Nowadays, people think that our civil rights law is very sound and it can always protect our rights. In fact, our law is not that protect as we though, it still has some problems. Such as, some people think that reverse discrimination can be a big issue for the white and reverse discrimination discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group or in favor of members of a minority or historically disadvantaged group. First of all, reverse discrimination can cause many problems in our society. For example, in the U.S, a lot of people aren’t white, such ass India, China, and Mexico. For example, ‘The Civil Rights Act of 1965 says that all people are protected from all forms of employment discrimination based on sex, race, or national origin, etc. There have been numerous reverse discrimination court cases over the years. Ultimately, the outcome is that courts now recognize all Americans are protected by the statute, even males and Caucasians. Some employers choose to ignore this issue and show favoritism to minorities or females. Some employers blatantly violate this law when they discriminate against white males. Only 2 percent of employment discrimination cases pending. However, are reverse discrimination cases? The law, as interpreted by courts, is that any person that benefits from affirmative action in the workplace must have relevant job and educational qualifications.’ (By: So we can see reverse discrimination had violated the rights of white people but our civil rights law didn’t protect people’s rights; this is one of the leaks of law. We can find another leak of the law from racial discriminate. In the New York City school and here is the report about racial discriminate in school by David Jones of the Community Service Society (CSS) of New York; “the grossest forms of racism and economic discrimination that take place in the ‘elite’ parts of New York City’s public education system, running the gamut from the ‘gifted and talented’ kindergarten programs which systematically exclude black and Latino four-year-olds to the elite public high schools such as Stuyvesant where, in a student body of 3,300 young people, only 40 are African-American.” Even though, we have the civil rights law, why these black and Latino four-year-olds cannot into the New York City’s public education system? The worth racial discriminates also happened in U.S Army. In 2011, Chinese-American