Essay on Racism: Black People and Huck

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Ahmed Heiba English 12/14/12
Br. Jammoudy

There have been many distrusts and conflicts between black and white people in the past, but as time changes people change too. Friendships between whites and blacks are sometime the closest and sometimes just never work out for some specific people. In the novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” when Jim was in the island with Huck he was so friendly with him even though Huck’s White. Unlike most black people at their time they weren’t racist to each other and went along very well because they knew that they needed each other a lot. Friendships between white and black people should be no different than any other. What makes them different other than their skin color, don’t they have brains too?

When Huck escaped from his father and Jim escaped from the widow and they both met up at Jackson’s island, they needed each other a lot. Huck needed Jim’s forecasting like when Jim could tell that it was going to rain and other skills of Jim’s and Jim need Huck for all the materials he had including the canoe and some of Huck’s hunting skills. They both formed a great bond and became really good friends. They became friends to the degree that Huck could’ve told on Jim and won 300 dollars but Huck said he’d rather die than betray his friend. Today there are many friendships between white and black people but there are always these people that don’t prefer them and try to exclude them out of the society. In the novel, before Jim escaped to Jackson’s island he was a slave for the widow. He had to work for her and he wasn’t allowed to do anything else and for the work he would get food and that’s all. People around him would exclude him out of everything. He wasn’t educated even and didn’t used to talk to anyone but the little kids. This made him barely know how to pronounce words when he grew up. Teachers, who were all white, wouldn’t want