Racism Exposed In 'The Blue Hotel Outsider'

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America is known for many great things around the world. However, America is viewed negatively for many things a well. The American Problem is defined as a specific problem that America struggles with. The American Problem is a problem that America has not overcame and is repeated throughout history. An example of an American Problem is racism. The average America experience racism in some shape or form throughout their life. Racism was able to cause a Civil War that divided the country for several years. America has endured a period slavery and segregation, however, even after both these periods the issue remained prevalent.

In American history racial disagreements play a major factor into our country's development. The racism issue is distinctly American because our nation was built upon the idea that one race is superior to another. From the discovery of America until the end of the Civil War belief that one race was superior to another was extremely common. This issue continued on for several years and now is a major issue in our society In almost in type of environment you encounter today racial equality can become a problem. Many people believe that all races are not equal in society. Therefore they must advocate for
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A common theme in American literature is “outsider”. In the story “The Blue Hotel” the Swede is considered the outcast. Because of this, later in the story he is killed and his murderer faces little consequences. This is a prime example of justice being altered because of discrimination or racism. Since the man was Swedish he did not receive the same protection as the Americans did. In the story the killers this same theme is portrayed. The killer whom, happens to be Swedish, is plotted against. Once again in American literature we see someone of a difference race designated as the “outsider”. The characters of the story believe that they are above the Swede because they are