Racism In Canada

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Ms. Earl
9 May 2015
Racism in Canada Canada is well-known around the world as an international peacekeeper, a place of liberty, and a loving country that accepts everyone. This reputation is part of our image, and is honored by many nations. However, Canada as an officially multi-cultural country, but Canada is not perfect. Racism still exists. “Race” first appeared in the English language around the 17th century. North Americans began to use the term in their scientific writings by the late 18th century. In Canada’s history are apparent in its restrictive immigration policies and practices regarding aboriginal people and none-white immigrants particularly Asians, Blacks and Jews. My name is Michael Smith. I grew up in London, Ontario where my lovely hometown is. However, I noticed that a large number of population immigrate into my hometown in recent years. Owing to these immigrants’ salary are cheaper than aboriginal people. Some local people are out of work like my father, he lost his job for this reason. As you can see, there are many sushi restaurants, Chinese restaurants and Korean restaurants on the road. Sometimes, when you drive a car are easier find these restaurants through their big sign-boards. I’m dying to know why these people are confidence. This is not your home, it’s mine! I urge government can expel these Asians, Blacks and Jews from Canada. Secondly, company can only hire Canadian or white people. I believe there is no reason that they can stay in Canada. Thirdly, the most effective way is use fabricated charge like spy kill all of them. So they cannot compete jobs with us in the future. Based on this serious situation, education maybe possible addressed racism in Canada. The more educated a person is the more aware they are of others, the more aware they are