Racism In Society Today

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Today in the U.S. “50% say racism say is a big problem.” In society today “five years ago 33% of

Americans identified racism as a big problem and today now they say it's a big problem.”

because in the news there's always something about police brutality with African

Americans and There's also a lot of issues happening with Mexicans because of Donald


For example seven in ten blacks and about a third of whites say that Blacks are treated less

fairly with policemen. And they also say that they're treated less fairly in court rooms and that

they also experience more problems through their life. There is still a lot of racist stuff on the news

and some people support these type of things.

In the surveys that were taken a lot of whites say that blacks. Are treated less fairly in
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We haven't made

that much though. They also say that in public schools they have more issues than white people

Because of their skin color.

For example Black's said that they haven't made any progress in 1940 60% of African

Americans were domestic slaves. Today that percent down is 2.2% and 60% are in white collar

jobs. People needs to knows this because it is a bad part of the U.S. and we need to make it better

and get rid of racism because it's a big problems. A study shows that the 10% of black men will have been in a racist situation. That problem is

around 2% for white men in the same age group. More examples would be like white men having

more advantages than black men just because of their skin color . The U.S. and we

need to work on it so we can be a better