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Racial profiling

Each year there is a huge number of African American men who are being thrown in jail for numerous of reasons. The population of African American men that’s incarcerated as of February 2015 78,502. Are these men being locked up for a reason or is it their skin color.
Racial profiling punishes innocent individuals for the past actions of those who look and sound like them. It misdirects crucial resources and undercuts the trust needed between law enforcement and the communities they serve. It has no place in our national discourse, and no place in our nation's police departments (Benjamin Todd Jealous) Racial profiling is wrong, therefore the police should stop using it on our African American men. Also we need society to become more aware of the harm that law enforcement is causing by racial profiling, and demand to make it illegal.
Racism has been around for decades now. African American people have been though a lot when it came down to slavery people have lost lives due to not pleasing the white man. What is racism? The concept of race remains unclear to many people who confuse the terms of race, color, and even ethnic or national origin, and culture.
When it comes down to racial profiling what’s the first thing that comes to our mind. The Driving while Black is a saying that been around since 1999. This saying came from activists that have argued that some drivers face a heighted risk of being stopped by law enforcements due to their race. But racial profiling is important not only because of the damage it does, but also because Of the connections between stops of minority drivers and other, larger issues of criminal Justice and race. In another way, "driving while black" reflects, illustrates, and Aggravates some of the most important problems we face today’s society, when we solve issues Involving race, the police, the courts, punishment, crime control, criminal justice, and Constitutional law. The fact that the cost of "driving while black" is imposed to be only o the innocent raises another point. Allowing that the police can stop, question, and sometimes even search drivers without regard to the real motives for the search, the Supreme Court has, in effect, turned a blind eye to the use of random stops on a racial basis. As long as the police department does not come straight out and say that race was the reason for a stop, the stop can always be accomplished based on some other reason. Police are therefore free to use blackness as an indicator for criminal activity. While it seems unfair to view all members of one racial or ethnic group as criminal suspects just because some members of that group engage in criminal activity, this is what the law believes in. ("Racial Profiling by Law Enforcement, 2015)
Racial profiling does not exist to some people. The Driving while Black belief is persuasive, powerful and false. According to a survey that was giving to 80,000 citizens by the Bureau of justice im 2002 a large number of Hispanic and blacks where stopped more frequently than whites by law enforcements. They say this was more likely to happen because officers could never tell the race of the driver which is called a” pretextual stop”. These officers always tend to find a reason to arrest these minorities. When there is a large number of crimes with Hispanics and blacks officers automatically assume that they all are up to no good; therefore it triggers officers to randomly do routine stops. Most cases when a minorities is being stop they automatically assume it’s due to the color there skin. Targets between these two common races will always have a reason to be stopped because the officers feels though there a threat. Another thing with higher crime rates is that most of the time the Hispanics and blacks will have a crime that was committed in their past that could lead them to resist the officer making the step. (Mac Donald, 2009)
In December of 1999, a Gallup Poll reported that