Essay on Racism: Race and Different Skin Types

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The True Colors of Racism
Judging a book by its cover is a very accurate synonym that is used to restate a sign of judging. Racism can destroy a society and teach hate toward one another. As more ethnicity groups immigrate around the United States, it starts a big problem around the world. Some jobs you are prejudged before showing your work ethic. For example, in sports many athletes are judged on their athletic ability rather where they from come and their race. Few are hurt by the word; others just turn their head as not they heard anything. Therefore, ethnicity, religion and visual appearance are the main racist matters today.
Ethnicity is the number one judged mental subject that is talked about when dealing with racism. Above all, some people think if you aren’t the same skin color then you do have the same expectations as them. Realistically, we are the same but just different skin types. In this instance, there was a boy named Chase that resided in West Texas. In the article it stated a restaurant wouldn’t let him work there because, he was Mexican decent. However, they didn’t give the young man an opportunity to show is work ethic or anything. When a Caucasian applied for the same position as the Mexican guy did, he received an interview and was hired the next day. On the other hand, the young man was prejudged of his ethnicity. In all honesty, in half of the peoples mind they still want to live back in the old days where judging your ethnicity was much more popular than it is now. It’s ashamed that most grandparents or old elders that lived back in that time period tries to bring the negative toward the new century. Thus, in 2012 there was an African American president elected to run United States of America. Do you know how many death threats and harsh letters he received because he was African American? It’s embarrassing but; therefore, prejudging your ethnicity will never go away. One day it will change how we think of each other but until then everyone will continue to be prejudged about their ethnicity.
Believe it or not, the religion you praise can be an act toward racism. Most importantly, everyone in America thinks Christianity is the only religion that exists. Now that our population is full of diverse people there are more multiple religion beliefs. For example, many Chinese citizens believe in the great Buda. So if someone asked who is Jesus Christ there would be a riot in the streets or a big unnecessary scene. People can believe in whatever they want. We are all equal but we have different cultural things we do different. In addition, the message that Jesus sent to the world was for all not just for Christians. Apparently, Such Christ people may claim to serve different Gods but, when they are humiliated with hurtful matters of race it soon will be the idol of race will determine their decisions and actions. Religion shouldn’t be a big issue with racism in the first place. We all believe in different things. Eventually we will continue to live on with each other’s choice of religion.
Visual appearance is a key factor of