Essay on Racism: Race and Movie Othello

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Linda O’Boyle
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Essay #3

Not Just about Racism

Although there are lots of things to imply that this is a racist play I don't think that racism actually controls the play, even though it has a racist theme. There is a romantic alliance between black and white which gets destroyed because most people think the relationship is wrong. Most racist comments in the play are said by people that are angry or upset. It is worth pointing out that at the time Shakespeare wrote this play, belief was very strong that our ethnic origin affects our behavior and personality. Many of his audiences would feel that a mixed marriage was wrong, would be familiar with the racist language used to insult Othello and, what's more, see nothing wrong with it. Racism is defined as “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others”( I think prejudice and racism still exists to this very day. It was very evident after 9/11. It is just more hidden than it was during the 1900s - 1960s, however this could present a problem in the future. “In an age when ethnic minorities were so minor as to be almost unheard of, a black man rises to the position of general in Venice, and is trusted and respected by his white masters. He's brave, intelligent, dignified and capable” (Piddock). According to Alan A. Stone from Boston review “Othello never questions his blackness or reflects on his precarious position in a world of white men”. In the movie Othello the colors “black” and “white” are widely used in order to reveal the differences of the two races. Nearly every character uses a racial slur to insult Othello at one point in the play. One quote that stands out is "Blacker devil", (Act 5 Scene 2). Emilia said this when she found out that Othello had killed Desdemona. She was shocked