Essay on Racism: Skin Color

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Jahnez wong
Mr. Broeske
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Stop talking about it

Racism is always going to be a problem but we still can't keep talking about it, it's not going to get us anywhere. If we keep on talking about racism the ones that are being brought into this world are going to add on to this idea that skin color actually matters when it has nothing to do with your character or how you view life.

As for me, I don't see skin color first. Yes it's there you can't help that but it isn't important to me and what I don't understand is why racism was brought up in the first place.
Did we decide one day that if you didn't look a certain way you couldn't be equal amongst other people? Which quite frankly makes no sense whatsoever because no matter what anybody says we are all human beings and saying we're not equal because of our skin color or segregating ourselves from other races is preposterous and unnecessary.
It's just like if I had a red balloon and a purple balloon and I said the red balloon wasn't a balloon because it's not purple,or if I just sit with the African Americans and not anybody else. See it's sounds dumb right ? If we could just end this, life would be easier not a lot but somewhat easier.

We need to stop talking about it because it's just adding fuel to the fire. Like when you're in a argument with your parents and you keep on bring up the same thing and they get even madder. It's frustrating right? But I bet when you finally stop talking about it you're at peace right? Yeah you're still a little mad that you had the argument in the first place because it was stupid to begin with but after it's over and you think back to it, you know you should have kept your mouth shut and let your parents cool down. Right?

Well that's what I'm proposing we do with racism. Obviously talking about the same thing is getting us no where. Saying “ Yes i am a proud black women but i still hate that in the past and now we are still singled out and thought of negatively”. If we take pitty on ourselves we arent benefiting what we're trying to accomplish, were just bringing back those same thoughts that we had back in the 1930’s. That goes for all races,latina,hispanic,asian,indian,native american, all races. Racism shouldn't be a trend that we bring back ,it should be one that we wipe out completely.