Racism: Sociology and Minority Groups Essay

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Racism embodies the ideology or practice via demonstrated power of perceiving the dominance of one group over others by on the grounds of colour, race, ethnicity, or cultural heritage, whereby ethnic minorities might be perceived as being biologically inferior and, thus, practices detailing their domination and exploitation are justified.

In equality in access to critical resources within the society such as health across ethnic groups may not be necessarily reducible to socioeconomic arrangement. In the contemporary society, there is an increase and support gained by political parties and entities that that openly express racist, bigoted, and xenophobic views. Racism has been widely reported in the arena of employment, which leads to economic depression for members of the oppressed racial and ethnic groups. Individuals from minority groups often have lower education attainment. The persistent low levels of educational and occupational outcomes attained by ethnic minorities can be cited, in part, as resulting from structural discrimination within the education sector. Some minority groups encounter challenges in gaining accommodation whereby minorities (people of different race or colour) are expected to reside in separate districts. This represents a microcosm mirroring all the major facets at all levels of society. Individuals from ethnic minorities sometimes encounter prejudice in terms of service provision. The pervasive disproportionate high rates of incarceration