Radia Joy Perlman Biography

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Today we use the internet for almost everything in our society from unloading important work and documents, streaming videos along with other content, and even posting pictures of ourselves and messaging each other. Many of us use the Internet every day and for most people, the ones that are addicted to their phone, almost every moment of their daily lives. Now a days many of us depend on the Internet so we should know more about it than we do since it’s so important to us. For something so important you’d think that someone like Radia Perlman the software designer and network engineer responsible for inventing the Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP) and considered by many as “Mother of the Internet,” would be someone we all know but it isn’t so.
Radia Joy Perlman was born January 1, 1951 and is currently 64 years old. She got her Ph.D. at MIT in 1988 and her doctoral thesis “Network Layer Protocols With Byzantine Robustness,” that was to present a design of computer networks that wouldn’t fail or have problems despite
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There she developed the first technological means for very young children to be able to perform computer programming. She developed a system called the TORTIS system with two components one with button the children could press in different orders and the other was a slot machine that could have cards with pictures that could be arranged differently to represent a command both of which allowed child to control the behavior of a robot turtle. She stated that her goal at the time was “to overcome the typing hurdle, and make many of the advantages provided by the learning of full computer languages accessible to children as young as three or four years,” and is considered one of the most if not most notable pioneer on the use of programming for