Radiance Reconstructive Surgery Essay

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Radiance Reconstructive Surgery
Janet Murphy
HCA 340 Managing Health and Human Services
Instructor Elizabeth Pepmiller September 21, 2015

Radiance is an organization that was formed in 2002 by three plastic surgeons. It has three groups of individuals who seek services. These individuals are victims of accidents with facial injuries that require immediate attention from a reconstructive surgery specialist and they make several visits until they achieve their finest results; individuals seeking improvement of facial aesthetic beauty for examples face lifts, nose re-alignments and so forth as well as groups of individuals who have a disposable income and individuals born with facial defects who under ordinary circumstances do not have access to an insurance cover.
Melissa Patterson works for Radiance which offers facial reconstructive surgery, as a director for marketing. As the director for the Marketing Department, she is responsible for two different sub-departments in the company, that being the marketing and advertising department and public relations department.
Under the sub-department of marketing and advertising, her responsibility is to oversee strategic marketing decision making, promotions and advertising while under public relations, Melissa is in charge of two publicists. One of the publicists oversees image-building and public relations activities of the company while the other publicist is in charge of preparing press-releases for the company in case of bad publicity in social media circles or amongst patients and/or members of the public as well as scheduling appearances of physicians during interviews. The company has a newsletter that is published monthly and this newsletter is in both electronic and print media. The two publicists work together to ensure publication and distribution to physicists, customers, health providers, patients as well as local media.
Radiance has experienced negative publicity due to the recession. The number of patients coming in for facial reconstructive surgery has been reducing of late and few are willing to pay for services. In addition, a patient went public with their complaints and even though the organization believes it to be unfounded, public perception of Radiance has been negatively influenced.
Radiance should apply proper marketing strategies in the next five years to improve the number of patients coming in for service. A strategic marketing analysis which will include environmental analysis, competitive and industry analysis, segmentation, targeting, and positioning analysis, and also customer analysis (Baack & Fischer, 2013). An environmental analysis combines SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). According to Coman & Ronen strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threat analysis is one of the preferred tools used for organizational strategic action (2009, pg. 5677). It also investigates external variables that will have a great impact on Radiance. The information gathered from studying the political, social and economic issues that are systematically studied according to SWOT analysis will show the issues affecting Radiance. The economic issues for instance may affect a patient’s decision in time of recession. A competitive and industry analysis will study the competition’s situation. Marketers will study these to determine the methods used by their competitors and then look at ways to improve on their own marketing strategies in order to become better. Segmentation, targeting and positioning, commonly referred to as STP, is a marketing strategy that can also help Radiance identify components like targeting patients, the organization and its services, and the frame of reference and point of uniqueness that will help bring