Radicalization In Prisons

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Inmates in prisons have been trying to persuade other inmates to join their organization, gang, etc. for a very long time now, but the radicalization of inmates in prison is fairly new and most likely due to the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. Which began the global war on terrorism and since that day people across the globe have been fighting terrorist organizations’ day after day. The reach of such organizations span almost into every crack and crevice of today's society. This does include inside prison systems across the world, including those inside the United States. There many techniques and methods of prevention and new and improved methods of preventing the radicalization of incarcerated inmates are being released …show more content…
While there are many ways that it can be prevented and the process being slowed down allowing it to detected, it will never come to a complete stop. There are many reasons why inmates are being targeted by terrorist organizations to become radicalized. While those reasons are separate in nature from the goals of the organization. The reasons they are targeted still need to be addressed and finding a solution to the reasons why is just as important as to stopping the radicalization process.

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