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Radio Monitoring Report

Station Name: 102.1 The Edge
Frequency: 102.1 MHz (FM)
Call Letters: CFNY FM
Slogan: “Toronto’s New Rock, 102.1 The Edge” or just “Toronto’s New Rock”
Owner: Corus Entertainment
Format: Alternative Rock
Sister stations Q107&AM640
Main Demographic: According to, a radio advertising site, 102.1’s demographic is between the ages of 18 to 44 years old, and is mainly Male (66%)
Does the Station have any nationally syndicated programming? Yes. Josie’s Top 20.

Date: 24/10/13
1. Melanie talked about tipping vs. not tipping and other of her personal restaurant experiences. “Have you ever gone out to dinner, and had really bad service? Did you tip them? What is common courtesy, and what do you think is fair? Call us!”
2. All calls were from the GTA, and Melanie used local Toronto & GTA restaurants for examples. (Fran’s, Old Spaghetti Factory, 3 Brewers, Burger Bar.)
3. It’s generic enough of a topic to be applied to their demographic.
4. Kept the theme through 3 talk breaks, said “you” or “your” a lot. 2 – 3 calls per talk break to get the listener’s opinions or stories on the topic. Not only interacted with listeners on-air, but used social media & encouraged listeners to go to the Facebook page and website.
5. Able to connect to the audience because she talked about a situation that almost everyone has been in. She also talked about places at Yonge & Dundas, as well as some restaurants in Kensington Market, so it was definitely locally relevant and relatable to most Torontonians.
Fearless Fred
1. Fred talked about the new Captain America trailer that just came out. Also reminded the listener to vote for the Top 5 @ 5 and plugged the website.
2. Definitely entertainment news, since it’s a new action movie. I believe that this would be considered international news, since anything Avengers is HUGE on the internet and all over the world.
3. It goes well with the format because the alternative rock station goes better with an action hero movie, unlike a chick flick.
4. He voiced a common opinion that the first Captain America movie portrayed the hero in a rather wimpy manner, and how he believes this one will make up for that.
5. It’s relevant because the demographic of the station is mainly males 18-44, and a large portion of that usually likes action movies, superheroes, and comic books.

1. The talk break after the Captain America one, he segued from a specific movie into Halloween movies in general. Talked about Jack the Ripper, and a listener called in.
2. Not so much entertainment news, as it is just entertainment. Because they were just talking about classic Halloween movies.
3. Goes well because the movies he listed catered well to the male clientele that they have. Silence of the Lambs, Jack the Ripper, etc.
4. He took a call and asked the listener’s opinion on their favorite Halloween movie.
5. I like how he kept the movie theme going a little longer, and transitioned nicely from the previous talk break.

Date 25/10/2013
The Dean Blundell show (Morning Talk Show)
1. “Wha’ Happened?!” Where listeners call in and tell random, personal stories and the best one wins tickets to The Edge’s Jingle Bell Concert Series and Pizza Nova.
2. Locally relevant because GTA/Torontonians call and tickets to be won are to the station’s winter concert series.
3. It goes because the concert tickets are for a local concert that fits their format, in fact, it’s a show that the station itself is putting on.
4. Not too much talking by the announcers in this portion, mainly the callers. But the announcers will make fun of/joke around with what the callers are saying and build off of each other.
5. Relevant to the audience because it’s the audience doing the talking & everyone likes to win prizes. 1. The Edge Files, where they talk about weird news. This time specifically, they talked about a man in New York who was high on Synthetic Marijuana who…