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Radiology Technology Program Reflection Time Today, I perceive myself as a confident Radiography Technologist. In the beginning of the program; I had no knowledge of x-ray production, radiation, positioning etc. Radiology Technology program have taught me how to think out of box in clinical settings. During seven-quarter program, I captured the knowledge of various subjects. For example, Radiography Physics which taught me production of x-rays, functioning of x-ray tube, and multiple mathematical formulas to adjust contrast, density, and details. It was amazing to hear Mr. Goolsby’s personal experience from filming to Computed radiography, and Computed radiography to digital radiography. Positioning, Radiography Position hybrid lectures were extremity informational to understand bones structure, locations, and movements. I really enjoyed being actively participating in Mrs. Bailey’s classroom. I still remember my very first lab test on x-ray equipment where Mrs. Bailey gave me confident and enthusiasm towards my goal. All her advice and guidelines helped me for my clinical performance. During patient Care, I learned how to take care of patients during their examination in imaging department to give them ease and comfort. It definitely helped me during my rotations. Numerous times, I got comments from patients that I finished their exam with comfort and ease and without hurting or moving much and their positive feedback always made me feel proud of myself. Medical Informatics and Leadership courses were very educating, and helped radiographers to understand computer communication and different modalities. Mrs. Woodsfield provided various different sources to learn different modalities. I learned in depth about radiation biology to protect patient, workers, and self by utilizing standard radiation protections. At junior year on very first clinical day, I was like a newborn baby. I realize that I had to be positive and learn lots of stuff to become like a good Technologist. As I started my clinical hours, I learned various different exams, tricks, and techniques to obtain diagnostic image. As I move to different clinical site, I was gaining my knowledge from every site and technology I work with. I really enjoy being in emergency department. It was very challenging for me to make myself