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Intro: Radio jingle 8 seconds
Cue immediately to DJ: “Hello and Welcome to Guardian Radio! We’ve got a lot more discussions and debates coming up for you today. This past month has brought on a few changes in the law. England and Wales have enforced a new law in order to catch drug drivers. It is now illegal to drive with certain levels of some drugs in your body. Officers will have new kit to test for cocaine and cannabis at the roadside (Mention Manchester postponing placing the ban in action)
End of segment (estimated 2m30s)
(Ad break)
Radio jingle 8 seconds
Cue DJ: Towards the end of February came another change in the law, The UK became the first country in the world to legalise three-parent babies after the House of Lords approved the idea, despite opposition from pro-life groups and clerics, the law will come in to action from October 2015.
For those of you who have just heard of ‘three-parent babies’ or in other words, Mitochondrial donation, it is an IVF technique, which creates an embryo from a mother carrying mitochondrial disease, the sperm of a father and the mitochondria of a healthy female donor.
Chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, urged the House of Lords to approve the milestone following a series of debates before the law was placed in to action. The controversial mitochondrial donation technique, aims to prevent serious inherited mitochondrial diseases. I believe that this was the right step to take as the babies conceived in this way would still have DNA from both parents, the treatment only adds ‘healthy’ DNA from a female donor, to ensure that the child is well and avoids any harmful conditions.
The pioneering technique is said to be safe and comes with zero-risks after rigorous testing and expert approvals, so why shouldn’t we take advantage of this in order to avoid devastating diseases in children? Women are protected as each case is over looked by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) before anything is approved or not. Women finally have the chance to have a healthy child without the fear of passing on this painful condition.
Your children will still be your children, the procedure does not affect aesthetics of a child such as, personality hair or eye colour. Mitochondrial…