Radley: A Short Story

Words: 724
Pages: 3

Radley The house emerged in front of me like a mansion. It was rusty red and with cracked windows. My family and I are here for two months to clean the house and put it on the market. We drove from Nebraska. This house was my Great Grandma Mae’s. She died walking,at least that is what my dad said. There was a storm coming so we had to unpack the blue car quickly. Grandma Mae’s house was huge it a lot of bedrooms.We stayed in the little apartment labeled Head Mistress’s Office. This was weird.Why are the rooms labeled? Only I noticed. I also noticed the gate was big and the little rooms had straps on them. Grandma’s house was now mine. What should I do with it? Not a single person will buy this mansion. Around here they call this …show more content…
I had wondered where she got it was going to ask. Before I could she said ‘Aria DON’T SELL THE HOUSE”. I slammed the door. When I reopened the door mom, dad,and Spencer were eating hot dogs and chips. This scared me. How had they not noticed a few moments earlier that mom had been possessed. I only this because she was ready to get out and leave. Later that night Spencer went looking around. She came back ranting on about beds upstairs. I said “If there are beds here they're probably moldy over and covered with a thousand layers of dust”. “No.” she argued “I sat on one they’re pretty comfy. Can sleep up there.”.She begged. Mother said ”Only if Aria goes with I was thinking no way.Instead I said ”Sure”. Mom and dad had our belongings. I chose the room farthest away from her. She was actually right,the beds were comfy. I was soon almost asleep when a sound awoken me. I jumped out of bed and went to walk out my door,it was locked. This large, gray metal door was locked. A thick black fog covered my walls I backed up to barbed wired window. I was soon afraid. My body froze in fright. I looked down,my hands were bloody,wrists