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October 6, 2013

Good Day Family Member,

I hope this note finds you and your family in the best of spirits and happy. Know that I love you and miss you always and hope to see you sooner - than later. I'm writing to you this day to let you know that I'm thinking on you and the family. I truly believe it's time to grow our family up and MAKE living life easier and better for us all.

I'm speaking on decendants of Thelma Carr, to include:
Frederick, Sr., Chevella, LaShay, Frederick, Jr., Jamie, Jr., Shayna', Jamilla, Jazmine, Bryson, Kaylynn, JaQuie, Lamar, Sylvester, Jr. and Johan.

For years, almost our whole lifetime, we have been fighting our individual finacial fights just to try to live better lives. At this rate, we all have OR will face the fight and attempts to conquer the idea that we will be stuck to live "broke" lives. And as a son, brother, parent and husband, I have tried countless courses of actions over my lifetime to prevent myself and family from living day to day with money problems, but with all my momentary success, I have continued to fail at my individual attempts over all.
Child like dreams of me making and/or living a life in finaical comfort that I could also share with my children while being able to take care of my Mom and Sister financially, if or when they called on me, have almost vanished from me now. At this point, I won't say that I have wasted time or my abilities, because I have worked hard over the years. But I will say that had I focused my life's steps better, created a family plan that everyone could join in on and believed more in US than myself - things could have turned out differently. But never the less, life has shown me, I must share my dream, I can't do it alone nor can I do it without the proper tools.
Right now, our history shows that Thelma is our mother with fourteen decendents following. Thelma is currently living on an inadequate fixed income and struggled all her life fighting against being broke. Unable to physically go out and work to make additional money, she can't change her situation on her own. Although she still smiles and still gets up everyday with hope that things will be better, I'm sure she would have love to live a different finacial life - but this is the one she lives in today and has lived most of her life. Most likely when she was my age, your age and even today - she continues to want better for herself, for me, you and all her decendents....
So now, the time has come for us to work together to change our family's future by joining forces to stop these ugly patterns of endless finacial struggles, hopelessness and disappointments. As I'm sure you are aware, we all are talented, gifted and blessed by God. But by now, I'm also sure you can recognize - even though we have these gifts - that if we don't work smart, they aren't enough to secure the future we all hope to live for ourselves, our children or our mother(s).

Our future together is more promising than a continued future of individual finacial struggles. Together we all can do a share and all those shares will come together and be more than anyone of us can do alone to help ourselves and the family. We have to plan, we have to agree and have to do something different - to make something different happen in our lives - together.
So - No matter what you have been up to over the years in your life, no matter how close or far you are from your dreams - no matter if you have been "at it" for years or just starting out - today, we all have the very same chance to change ourselves for the better, for the family and for our futures. And it all starts here today, with you, me and us - together.

The Goal: Change the family's over all finacial struggles, current position and set in place a new platform for future finacial prosperity. Create, plan and work together on NEW ideas to support, increase and overcome the past in a way that moves yourself