Raffles Hotel Essay

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A marketing plan on Raffles Hotel 1 1. Introduction 1 2. Brief company overview 2 3. External audit 2 3.1 The macro-environment analysis with PESTE method 2 3.2 The industry dynamics analysis with Porter’s five forces 3 3.3 The evaluation of key successful factors of external factor 4 4. Internal audit 5 4.1 Raffles’ strategic segmentation 5 4.2 Raffles’ market positioning 6 4.3 Strengths-weaknesses analysis of current resources and competences 7 4.4 Value chain and value networks 8 5. A strategic plan for the next 3 years 9 5.1 An evaluation of strategic options 9 5.2 The development of a sales target 10 5.3 A mix of suitable strategies and a monitoring, control and contingency plan 10 …show more content…
As to the technology analysis, Raffles believes that high-tech is the most efficient productivity in modern industry. In the past 100 years, along with the innovation in science and technology, people’s life is changed in every aspect. Technology is significant both in the version of a nation and in the version of a firm. In the field of hotel management, GDS and CRS changes the traditional way of promotion and the efficiency of promotion, high-tech accelerates the innovation of promotion and service. If the hotel cannot use the GRS or GDS properly, it will be dropped by the fierce competition. 4.3.1 The bargaining ability of hotel suppliers
Like other corporates, hotel needs to acquire lot of material from the external environment. Economic entities which provide material are called the suppliers. They construct the corporate from two aspects: affecting the profitability by adjusting price and affecting the hotels’ competition ability by providing low quality material.
Raffles hotel has got through its preparation period and now is a mature entity. The suppliers are companies who offer daily consumables, and those consumables are not need to be tailored. Now, the numbers of hotels and suppliers are relative huge,