Rage Against the Machine Essay

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Rage Against the Machine The machines are taking over the world! Look around the room and notice how many electronic and artificially made products are surrounding your cranium. It’s scary to know that people used to actually write letters instead of text and instant messaging. It’s almost a fashion these days to have the most smartest cell phone or computer that can “do everything” for you. Before the machines take over our lives, not that they haven’t already, think about how would you survive without the technology you normally use everyday to make life easier. You got nothing to think of because modern life has been so reliant on the idea of having a machine do something for us or make us lazy, we don’t know how to go back to the “old ways” of doing things. After reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, it gives you a feeling that one day people just might be made into robots. Its hard to tell what is real and what is fake.
People are becoming “machines” and that’s the last thing we need is a bunch of clones that look, talk, act like us and try to impersonate us. I relate this idea of technological take-over to artificial engineering being practiced in labs today. Such things like artificial hearts pumping blood for you, so who needs a heart when someone can make one for you? Another would be meat, genetically altered meat is another android living these days. If you can make something that is not meat taste and look like meat, why should we kill animals? And lastly the most commonly used android that we almost always have to rely on is the computer. It is the connection to everything and everyone in the world replacing other things like mail, phones, paper, TV, companionship and if you need entertainment oh yeah it does that too! It holds important information, in the wrong hands someone can use it to destroy, rob, commit conspiracy and so on. This techno culture we live in can lead to an “android lifestyle” where everyone has no emotion and can’t think for them selves. Computers eventually take over and do things for them like putting your brain into auto pilot. Can a computer develop love? Hate? Passion? No, but it can mimic it and show you the appearance of it but without a soul where is the life? Life can be defined as a breathing, loving, hating, caring, passionate being or in lamer terms a human. When computers start mimicking