Rain Man Essay

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This paper deals with rain man movie to critique the most interesting character in it Raymond, his behavior, his language and what the problem he suffer. Charlie is a young and businessman who sells expensive cars for a living. One day he receives word his father died, that a man he had never spoken with him since along years, Charlie get back to his childhood home to get a care of his father's property, suddenly he surprised all of his dad's $3,000,000 estate was left to an unnamed man in a 'trust' .After investigating, Charlie discovered that the trust man was who lived in a home for the mentally disabled near his childhood house. When he discovered this institution with his girlfriend, Susanna, Charlie makes a nearly
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I noticed in the movie Raymond did not go outside on a rainy day and did not leave the hotel. He gave no weight to the fact that his brother is in a hurry, and is unaffected by his brother’s assurance that the rain won’t harm him. Raymond is incapable of caring about or even considering his brother’s case. He can’t change his reality and his rules for life; despite the distress his refusal to leave the hotel is causing another person. Furthermore, he didn’t care about his behavior or other people behavior, we saw him when he opened the door while Charlie and Susanna were sleeping and he didn’t know what is that mean to him or to the other people. On other hand, we observed Raymond with out feeling and emotion that he describe the objects physically, I noticed that when Susanna met him and she tries to teach him the kissing after she kissed him, when she ask him what are you feel Raymond told her it was wet. While Raymond has a special mental skill but he unable to represent any of it to the world, He can compile baseball statistics, memorized dinner menus, and become disturbed when anything upset his own schedule. He can also count 246 toothpicks in a second, memorize a page of telephone numbers in a minute and calculate the square root of any numbers, but nobody knows what he is thinking? Raymond insists underwear had to come from