Rain Man Movie Assignment Essay

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Movie Assignment- Rain Man

Part A:

1. Yes I would absolutely feel comfortable communicating with someone who is developmentally disabled. I have personal experience communicating with someone who has autism. Through my experience I have learned when communicating with someone with autism you should be sure to speak clearly and in a normal tone of voice. Never force direct eye contact as this may make them uncomfortable and make sure to keep proper distancing when communicating as this may make them feel threatened for their personal safety.

2. As a sender I would become an effective communicator with a person who is developmentally disabled by trying to find out as much information as possible about them and what
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I t was a happy moment to see that although Charlie started out wanting Raymond’s inheritance or what he felt was partially his. The ending of the movie was not only tear jerking but left me feeling happy that Charlie had finally realized and accepted that Raymond could not make his own choices and was not going to be able to stay with him. When Raymond lays his head on Charlie’s head at the end of the movie in the mediation room it gave me feelings of happiness and tear jerking experience to see Raymond show Charlie he cared or liked hm. When they said goodbye at the train station it was sad to see these brothers part. Raymond does not wave goodbye to Charlie but he remains fixated on his TV Watchman. Charlie hides behind his sunglasses, the audience cannot see his expression but I’m sure he is caught up in a blurring of dissatisfaction and great adoration for his brother the ‘Rain Man’. Although Raymond was not capable of verbally communicating with the outside world he could show Charlie how he feels through non verbal communication and strengthening the bond between these brothers.

The most important thing in life is to keep your family close and create a bond that will never be broken.


A pervasive developmental disorder characterized by severe deficits in social interaction and communication, by an extremely limited range of activities and interests, and