Raindrop: A Short Story

Words: 1411
Pages: 6

There once was a boy named Raindrop. I’ve got to admit, I always found that a pretty weird name for a raindrop. It’s almost like calling a new born baby “Human,” but I’m not going to judge the parent’s name choice. They can do as they please. Anyway, they lived a normal life in their water house with their damp dog and soaking cat. Things were good for all of them. You know, the normal ocean lifestyle. Raindrop had a sister named Flood and a baby brother named Hail, and they lived in the Atlantic Ocean with their mother and father. Raindrop was always more connected to his mom, but that doesn’t mean that he hated his dad. He just always had this… connection, I guess you could say, to his mom. Some type of bond that never loosened even as he grew up to be a teenager. Then again, that doesn’t mean that she was always there for poor little Raindrop. …show more content…
Though this wasn’t too rare, it confused him. He went inside to look at the news to see his entire family huddled around the TV. Raising one rainbrow, he walked over and peered over Flood’s shoulder. What he saw made his heart drop. Raindrops all around the world - every single lake, stream, and ocean - were disappearing without any trace. Though no one has figured out who has been committing this crime, or rather what group, every news station has said to stay indoors and not to even step a single foot