Essay on Rainforest and Trees

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Killing the Rainforests Have you ever thought about the air you breathe in, whether it’s dirty, clean, or even polluted? Well these days air is getting dirtier because there aren’t enough trees. See trees, are a big part in cleaning our air. When people keep destroying our trees they’re also creating lower levels of clean oxygen, higher CO2 levels, and believe it or not animal extinction. People don’t know it, but they’re creating more problems in the world. Trees and rain forests aren’t only part of our planet’s lungs, but they are also part of its air conditioning system. Trees clean the air of carbon dioxide and they keep the planet at a stable temperature. Tests say vast tracks for tropical rain forests have been lost over the past forty or fifty years. This happens mostly because of logging and trees for farmland. On the other hand scientists don’t think that this is such a problem. Scientists say “We have bigger things to worry about then to worry about something that’s not a problem.” Some scientist even say that global warming is one of the reasons rain forests are dying because more green house gases come and kill the plants. Other scientist disagrees with this because they think global warming is a myth. Animals are a part of this problem too. They are because their homes are the trees and the rain forest. When you destroy an animal’s home then it has nowhere to live, thrive, and reproduce. When an animal can’t reproduce then its species will eventually die out or become extinct. Then after that species another species will die out because they eat