Essay on Rainforests Have Been Declining Rapidly over the Last Few Decades. There Are Various Factors Responsible for This Decline, Resulting in Serious Impacts on the Environment and the Economy. Critically Discuss the Causes

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Rainforests have been declining rapidly over the last few decades. There are various factors responsible for this decline, resulting in serious impacts on the environment and the economy. Critically discuss the causes of deforestation and solutions to it. Deforestation is the cutting down of a large area of trees and the destruction of forests by people. Forests are what we call an exhaustible resource, one which can be used up if it is not used carefully. Over the last few decades, deforestation has threatened the rainforests with total extinction. To understand why deforestation is such an important issue, you first have to understand why trees matter. Trees improve in many ways the life of all species, including the human race. …show more content…
(Contreras-Hermosilla, 2000).

However, WWF International describes several other processes that are being undertaken in an attempt to avoid an Amazon tipping point. Irresponsible landowners are burning the forests to clear the way for intensive agriculture and cattle grazing .So, because most forests recover rapidly in absence of fire, landowners are encouraged to avoid using fire as a management tool and protect the degraded lands from fire during re-growing periods (Uhl et al.1988, Nepsad et al.1991, Jipp et at.1998). Secondly, to encourage responsible land stewardship and enable consumers to shop discriminately organisations have created certification schemes. For example two non-governmental organisations in Brazil launched in 2007 the Registry of Socioenvironmental Responsibility (Cadastro de Compromisso Socioambiental – CCS) to make production more transparent to buyers. Thirdly, by reducing the negative impact of logging in the forest, it is possible to manage the timber (Holmes et at.2002, Barreto et al 1998). Last, at a regional level, there is the planning of forest reserves in anticipation of new roads and highways in an agricultural frontier helps to build a broad base of political support (Campos and Nespad 2006) .Then, at an international level, there is are the negotiations to create an economic incentive( REEDREDD) to compensate forests people as forests guardians based upon satellite analyses of