Rainsford Vs General Zaroff Research Paper

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Why Rainsford is a better hunter than General Zaroff. Imagine being plunged into a deadly hunt, where you are the prey. Any wrong move could end your life, and you must be as careful with your decisions as possible. In “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, this is the dilemma Rainsford faces. He must use his various hunting skills to assist him in outsmarting General Zaroff, another skilled hunter, whom he is prey for. In this scenario, who would be a better hunter? Although General Zaroff may be a skilled hunter, Rainsford shows that he is objectively a better hunter, due to his quick thinking and resourcefulness. Despite the risk and danger Rainsford faces being thrown into Zaroff’s game, he is still able to think quickly and smartly. …show more content…
In this case, him being able to deduce that, because there are pistol shots, General Zaroff is around allows him to quickly react adequately to his situation. If he had not known of Zaroff’s presence, he could have been caught off guard and killed by General Zaroff. Furthermore, when Rainsford is being chased by General Zaroff, he “[hears] the hounds. Then he [leaps] far out into the sea” (Connell 57), which shows quick, and risky decision