Rainsford's Conflicts In The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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Hunting doesn't require the person hunting to know the difference between how the thing being hunted feels until it is in its position. In the account, "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell the protagonist Rainsford gets washed ashore onto a mysterious island after battling the ocean for hours. He finds a building where he meets the evil antagonist General Zaroff who he finds out gains pleasure by hunting humans in his cruel game. Rainsford comes to the realization that he will be the next human to be hunted and tries to escape. But there is no absconding from General Zaroff and his island without a victory in his game. Rainsford's conflicts in "The Most Dangerous Game" contributes to the climax by means of his struggles with his determination to get through the game, him having to deal with the hardships of nature, and being involuntarily forced to play General Zaroff’s game for his amusement.
Rainsford struggles with his determination to get through the game yields the man vs himself conflict in the story. In order to set up his plan to get through the game, Rainsford decides to question his next move, which in turn shows the reader that himself is one of his biggest obstacles in
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Rainsford battles with his assurance to overcome the game provides the man vs himself conflict in the story. Rainsford dealing with the difficulties of nature produces the man vs nature conflict in the tale. Rainsford being required to play General Zaroff's game even though he didn't want to contribute to the man vs man conflict in the narrative. We would all be wise to consider the emotions of what is being shot behind the pistol before pulling the