Raisin and something Else Essay

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After Robin's parents left the house to go to a party, he invited his friend Ricky over to come play with him, he asked Ricky if he could bring some raisins. When Ricky got there, Robin grabbed Ricky's hand, and pulled Ricky up the stairs to his room in a very eager manner.
"Look what I got! His names Miles!" Said Robin.
"Gnarly dude! My parents won't let me get a rat, I don't know why. They say that rats are disguisting and vile creatures, anyway, can I hold it?!" Exlaimed Ricky.
"Sure, but be careful! Hey, hand me my raisins will ya?"
"Why do you like raisins so much, Robin? Wanna see if I can open the box with my mouth? I do. " Said Ricky as he tried to contain the rat in one hand, and the box of raisins he was trying to open with his mouth.
"I don't know. I just like them. I don't think that's a good idea, you'll spill the raisins!"
As Ricky tried to open the box of raisins, the rat wiggled out of his hand, knocked the raisins down, and did something not very enjoyable to watch. "No! My rat! My raisins! They look the same!
"Haha! Now you got two messes to clean up!" As Ricky helps Robin pick up his raisins, he can't tell the difference between the rat's pewdiepoo and the raisins, so he just scoops them both up and doesn't tell Robin. After Robin got Miles back in his cage, Ricky gave him the raisin mix.
"Yummmm! My raisins.I love you raisins." Said Robin while he was caressing his raisins with his eyes.
"Tehehe" Chuckled Ricky.