Raisin in the Sun Essay

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Nicolette Noe
English Final

A good life isn't something that is just given to you, you have to work for it. There is only so much you can do to achieve your dream and goal. Time is needed and you need to take things step by step, dont rush. Greediness is another thing too, you may want something so bad but remember not to drag others down to get it. There are others out there just like you looking for a better and brighter future. In the play A Raisin in the Sun, Beneatha, Walter and Mama are dreaming about a better life in the future due to the money that Walter Sr. has left the family. Beneatha is the youngest of Walter Sr. and Mama's children so she has been growing up more in modern times compared to Walter Lee. She's been exposed to more, more education, more opportunities for women (especially black women) and more people who are just like her. Beneatha is the most outspoken one in the family and she is determined to get what she wants regardless that some people don't believe in her. She is never satisfied with anything and that drive keeps her going. She wants to go to school to become a doctor, something you wouldn't see a black woman be. She has been going to some schooling already and she has been encouraged more and more by Asagai. But at home nobody envisions her dream with her except for Mama. Walter tells her all the time that there is no point and it isn't going to happen. Mama says that when Walter Sr.'s check comes she is setting aside money to send Beneatha to school. Beneatha is just waiting for that moment and isn't taking others down with her to get her dream. But not everyone in the book sticks with that. Walter is Mama and Walter Sr.'s oldest child and he goes from having his good days to his bad days constantly. He hates the life he is living, he feels that it isn't a life at all. He complains all day and every day that all he does is drives a man around and doesn't make nearly enough money. His dream is to invest in opening a liquor store with two of his buddies (Bobo and Willy.) But in orded to do that he needs a large lump some of money to get started. The only place to get that money is to take from his father's check when it arrives. He waits miserably for it everyday until it finally comes and that's when he had to convince Mama and the rest of his family that it was a slendid idea that was going to benefit everyone. When the permission is finally granted from Mama to go and make a dream come true he comes to realize he counted his blessings too soon and leaves one person more upset than the rest. Mama is a caring, loving and giving person especially to her family. She cares more about them than anything. She has hard a long hard working life,…