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The book is an example of a small town in the south dominated by huge topics such as education, social class, bravery, stereotypes, and much more. The book opens as a type of hick town in the 1930's were everyone knows everyone except the other races. The book gradually begins to reveal the significant topics to show what times were like during this time. You can come to a conclusion that the town is separated into two main categories; whites and colored. It shows that every character is a human and every human has his/her own weaknesses and/or flaws. It's how these flawed characters are influenced and affected by major themes underpinning their society that is racism. First of all, Atticus is appointed by judge to defend Tom Robinson. He wanted the trail to be fair. Unfortunately, the rest of the town didn’t see it that way. The whole family received vicious looks, criticism, and rude comments. Scout had violent encounters with this issue. One was when she was at school, when a classmate, Cecil Jacobs declares that "Scout Finch's daddy defends riggers." This accusation led Scout to ignite a fight with Cecil. Another, Scout started a fight was with her cousin Francis after she's called a "nigger lover" by him. It wasn't only Scout that encounter racism, but Jem also. He had an interaction with Ms. Dubose who was an elderly, racist woman with a morphine addiction. Jem destroys her flowers out of anger after she calls his father a "nigger lover." They developed tough skin that helped understand more what was really happening within the trail. Another thing was Aunt Alexandra. She is a woman with a strong devotion to her family. She is the perfect southern lady in her eyes. Her narrow mind led her to come to the conclusion during the trail that since Tom Robinson is guilty, he must has to be guilty. For a woman such as self to be an all-around good person, that comment shows how much of a hypocrite she is. She's trapped in the past of "tradition" which is that she's views herself better than