Raisin In The Sun By Lorraine Hansberry: A Character Analysis

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In the book “Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry tells us about a family who wants

to live the “American Dream”. Beneatha wants to live the American dream, but in addition, she

is going to find her true self. In order to do that, Beneatha needs help from a person who truly

knows who she is on the inside and outside. George Murchison is on the conceited and

disrespectful side as Joseph Asagai is more on the respectful and caring side. I think Asagai has

way more values to Beneatha than Murchison.

“Look honey, we’re going to the theatre-we’re not going to be in it…(Hansberry 80)

explains how George Murchison is nothing, but rude because he doesn’t approve of how she
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Joseph Asagai says “Have I told you how deeply you move me”(Hansberry 132) which is

caring because even though Asagai did not know what had happened yet he wanted to comfort

her with his words. “For you-I would do much more”(Hansberry 63) shows how he is

determined to keep her because he would do anything for her. Asagai says “...when it is all

over-that you come home with me-”(Hansberry 133) which proves that he is willing to spend his

life with her because he wants her to come to Nigeria with him and start a new life. Overall, it is evident to see that Joseph Asagai the ideal choice for Beneatha Younger

because he has a connection was her and knows who she truly is. He just wants to prove that his

love for her is real. Unlike George Murchison who wants nothing, but his self-interests, Asagai

cares deeply about her. No matter if she is sad, mad, or rude Asagai knows how to connect with

her. In conclusion, because of Asagai’s intelligence, respectful, caring, and charming personality,

he is the fit for