Raising Minimum Wage Debate

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What makes the debate about raising the minimum wage interesting is that so many people from different states have very different stands on it. Minimum wage i the lowest amount of pay permitted either by law or by a special agreement. We are talking about the minimum wage because we want to get a better understanding about how the minimum wage affects us. Some of the things that have been going on about the debate about raising the minimum wage include cities all across the United States raising their minimum wages on their own. The United States should not raise the minimum wage because most workers who are expected to gain a 50% increase in their pay due to a raise in the minimum wage will actually be the ones to suffer even more.
The United states should not raise the minimum wage because it would raise prices and ultimately hurt the economy. According to “The Negative Effects of Minimum Wage Laws” from object.cato.org, by Mark
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Although this may be true, it is not an effective reasoning because a lot of those workers depend on government help such as paying for public aid for food, housing, and medicines. With that increase in pay, those workers would no longer qualify for that help, leaving them to live check by check when having to supply for their families.
Raising the minimum wage will only make it harder for minimum wage workers to supply for their families and themselves.It is important to think about the effects of raising the minimum wage because workers of all social class may be affected by it. An increase in the minimum wage directly affects society because it either improves the economy in the United States or does the exact opposite. Knowing this, people should not raise the minimum wage until 100% sure of how the raise would affect every worker in the