Raising Minimum Wage Essay

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Although minimum wage will help those who are in financial need, minimum wage should not be raised because it will hurt more Americans than it would help because it will, result in significant job loss, hurt low-skilled workers, and it will raise prices for consumers. Companies will be forced to fire their low-skilled employees because they’re going to be paying more money for someone to work they won’t want inexperienced people working, such as teenagers. More Americans would lose jobs because employers of small companies would not be able to afford paying their employees a larger sum of money. If minimum wage increases, it will force companies to raise the prices of their products to help pay for their employees’ paychecks.
The increase in minimum wage is aimed to help workers, but decades of economic research show that minimum wages
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Raising minimum wages might help the small percentage of adults trying to support families, but it also hurts them and the other Americans that are bordering the poverty line. If the companies are forced to raise product prices due to the minimum wage increases, then families that are making more than minimum wage will be punished by having to pay more fore prices. This has the potential to make these families become poor and even more Americans will be in poverty. There is a survey that smaller companies won’t be affected and they support the minimum wage increase because it will help poor families earn more. If this is the case, why don’t those small companies give the their employees a raise and not punish the other companies that can’t afford the increase of minimum wage? There are facts that prove raising the national minimum wage will hurt Americans more than help them. It’s unfortunate that there is a small percentage of Americans that are struggling to support their families, but there is no such thing as a perfect country without