Raising The Roof Analysis

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When telling stories that speak on social issues, there is always an element of shock and surprise. Whether it be through statistics, societal reactions, or visual aids, Raising the Roof has done an excellent job of shocking and surprising their audiences. In the organization’s campaign titled “Coming Soon: Homeless Shelter”, Raising the Roof launched a video to educate the Canadian public on the issue of homelessness. The Coming Soon video captures audio and video footage of members from a wealthy Toronto neighbourhood reacting to the placement of a homeless shelter, which is a front to elicit reaction out of community members, within the community. Raising the Roof used real audio from anonymous individuals expressing their discontent with …show more content…
Raising the Roof uses the concept of causation to explore the cause and effect relationship within the issue of homelessness. While their major goals lie within creating long-term solutions to combat homelessness, Raising the Roof has also dedicated time and resources to changing the conversation of homelessness. The Coming Soon video, not only elicited shock and surprise in many of its viewers, it highlighted the effects of a negative conversation and stereotypes regarding homelessness on society. According to the Cambridge Introduction to Narrative, individuals “continually look for the cause of things. The inevitable linearity of story makes narrative a powerful means of gratifying this need” (Abbott, page 41). The Coming Soon campaign video was an opportunity for Raising the Roof to look at stereotypes, stigmas, and sensitivities towards homelessness and the effect it has on organizations like Raising the Roof, and society. This video was a direct attempt for Raising the Roof to look for the cause of homelessness, and the hesitancy of individuals to participate in creating solutions to the