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Gary Rakhlin
Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood
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EDE 102
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Pedagogy and Play (Birth to 5 years)
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Brooke Fraser-Dewar
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Assessment 1
Design, conduct and report on interviews with parents
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Gary Rakhlin
Date: 30-09-13


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: Pedagogy and Play (birth – 5 years)
Assessment Task 1 - 50 marks
Design, conduct and report on interviews: Parents’ Perspectives on Children’s Play
Task: This task requires you interview parents of young children and report on their views on children’s play.

Quality of Interview
(including quality of questions)
Interview ineffective: questions not addressed and/or recorded effectively. Ineffective listening and questioning skills.
Sufficient interview: some relevant information collected using appropriate methods for data collection. Evidence of effective listening and questioning skills.
Satisfactory interview: relevant information collected using appropriate methods for data collection. Evidence of effective and attentive listening and questioning skills.
Comprehensive interview: relevant and comprehensive information collected using effective and appropriate methods for data collection. Evidence of excellent listening and questioning skills.
Thorough and original interview: comprehensive and original information collected through creative use of data collection methods. Evidence of outstanding listening and questioning skills.
Quality of interpretation (analysis of parents’ views on play)
Insufficient and/ or irrelevant discussion and analysis.
Basic analysis and discussion, demonstrating limited understanding of theories and concepts.
Satisfactory discussion and analysis, demonstrating understanding of concepts and an ability to use theory as a basis for interpretation.
Comprehensive and relevant analysis and discussion, demonstrating effective understanding of concepts and a strong ability to use theory as a basis for interpretation.
Comprehensive, relevant and insightful analysis and discussion, demonstrating originality and a very strong ability to apply and extend theory.
Evidence of unit readings
Few and/ or ineffective links to readings.
Over-reliance on a limited set of readings.
Evidence of a range of unit readings. Satisfactory links to and consideration of the readings.
Evidence of a wide range of unit readings. Relevant and clear links to and consideration of the readings.
Comprehensive, relevant & insightful links to and consideration of the readings, including information from a range of relevant sources.
Personal Literacy
Not at acceptable academic standard.
Work is acceptably sourced but improvement is necessary in