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Slogans and Catchphrases for Mcdonalds Mcdonalds has used a number of slogans and catchphrases for their marketing since the now world’s leading fast food chain started in 1955. Their current slogan “I’m Lovin’ it” is one of the most popular catchphrases globally. Here is a list of some of the slogans and catchphrases Mcdonalds has used over the decades.

1960’s- “Look for the Golden Arches”.
1970’s- You deserve a break today. And “Get down with something Good”
1980’s- Mac Tonight”
1990’s- “Did somebody say ‘M”.
2000’s- We Love to see you smile.
And of course their current slogans “I’m Lovin’ It”. Mcdonalds will be launching “Lovin’ beats Hatin” slogan soon, but staying with I’m Lovin’ It as their main catchphrase. Also Mcdonalds is running an ad campaign under the slogan “Our Food, Your Questions”.

Mcdonalds ‘1955 Burger’ TV commercial The commercial begins with an old man sitting in a mcdonalds restaurant with a beef burger, fries and a coca cola on his table. He looks around and see a couple holding hands and sipping cola from their cups using the straws, a waiter carrying a tray, smiling to a customer enjoying his meal. He then looks at his burger and takes a bite from it. A heavy background voice in the commercial says “a 100% beef, caramelized onions, bacon and a smokey sauce”, describing the mouthwatering ingredients of the burger. As soon as he takes the bite, the ad shows him travelling back time maybe in the year 1955, and the voice again speaks up “a 1955 beef burger, a tribute to where it all began”, when he was still young and had Mcdonalds beef burger for the 1st time, and recalls the same moment happening, a couple holding hands, waiter smiling to a customer. The ad focuses on the concept of giving tribute to the 1st beef burger by Mcdonalds and how the people still enjoys it today. In the end it shows outside of the 1955 ‘Golden Arched’ Mcdonalds restaurant with a billboard showing ‘Hamburger, we have sold over 1 million and still 15 cents. It describes how people still enjoys the legendary beef burger that made Mcdonalds so famous even after these 50 years.

Mcdonalds Internet page- Description A Big Mac advertisement pops up, designed in the centre of the home page covering about 50% of the bluish green wallpaper of the page when you open a Mcdonalds website. Just below this Big Mac are three links with images of Mcnuggets saying ‘the taste you love and love to share’ providing it’s complete menu of burgers, shakes etc, another link saying ‘Do you use freshly created eggs’ supporting their new campaign “Our Food, Your Question”, and finally their charity theme saying, “Making a difference, one family at a time”. Just on the upper left side of the Big Mac advertising window, are the ‘Golden Arches’ and under it in a vertical table of hyperlinks shows food, I’m Lovin’ It slogan, Our story link, their career opportunities, link to search their locations all around the globe, their contact information, the services they provide and their recent campaign link, “Our Food, Your Questions”. On the bottom of the page there are various links to Mcdonalds…