Raleigh & Rosse Case Study Essay

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Raleigh & Rosse Case Study

FALL 2011


Performance Appraisal and Management “Raleigh & Rosse: Measures to Motivate Exceptional Service”

GROUP 2 TD: Ana Vasques #884 Catarina Araújo #974 Isabel Simões #868 Marcelo Fontes #959

Human Resources Management Raleigh and Rosse (R&R) was founded by Michael Raleigh and Conor Rosse in 1911 as a saddler and equestrian shop. Throughout the years, it became a privately held specialty retailer of luxury goods. Considering that luxury retailers unusually discounted prices and could also access the same luxury goods brands, R&R used the costumer’s experience and his relationship with the company as a competitive
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However, according to Management by Objectives (MBO) programs, the company should involve the staff in setting the goals for which the workers are evaluated7, which does not happen in this case. Therefore the company could not establish realistic and achievable targets. To better understand the quality of the SPH program, we did an analysis based on the connections of a MBO that we learned in the article Performance Appraisal, Performance Management and Improving Individual Performance: A Motivational Framework. In the first connection, which is action-to-result, we can detect several problems. The sales associates seek for more sales, but at the same time they must provide all the customer service that R&R demand. So during the period that associates are doing customer service, they are accumulating more hours and none sale to their SPH. This could lead to a quicker and worst customer service in return to more sales. Another problem in this connection was the empowerment that store managers had for reallocate and schedule the time periods for each sales associate, which gave no power or flexibility to the sales associates. In order to maximize this link, the company should provide feedback to its employees. Store managers would monthly provide a publicly