Ralph Lauren Strategy Paper

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Module 2: Mission, Goals, and Strategic Management Process
Module 3: External Analysis

Module 2: Mission, Goals, and Strategic Management Process
Module 3: External Analysis
Group: Diamonds
Ralph Lauren Corporation
Strategy Term Project
MGT 695 – 01
Dr. Hochradel

Module 2: Mission, Goals, and the Strategic Management Process
The mission of Ralph Lauren is to provide quality product, bringing different worlds together and inviting people into their dream and vision (McAllister, 2012). They are the true innovators of lifestyle advertisements that tell a story and the first to create stores that encourage customer participation in that lifestyle (McAllister, 2012).
Ralph Lauren has
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This way people can get what they want through technology.
Ecological factors concern broad environmental issues such as the natural environment, global warming and sustainable economic growth. Ralph Lauren can be impacted by these factors because the company manufactures cotton clothing. With cotton it comes from various vendors, but in order for it to grow it has to have a good environment to grow in. If farmers don’t get good weather then crops may be lost and there will be no clothes for Ralph Lauren.
Lastly, Legal factors capture the outcomes of the political processes and court decisions. Because Ralph Lauren is a highly noted fashion designer he is hit with lawsuits and legal issues all the time. They had to sue US Polo Association for infringement on their brand (Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, 2010). Another popular brand, Levi Strauss sued Ralph Lauren because they had similar stitching in their jeans. Also Ralph Lauren along with twenty one other major companies was sued over having sweatshops and knowing of their wrongdoings (Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, 2010).
With the five forces model we can learn about the nature of completion for our company. To begin Ralph Lauren is faced with the threat of new entrants into the industry. With the rise of different trends there will always be a threat of new entrants into fashion retail. This task will be difficult and expensive because of the degree of Ralph Lauren. The company has