Ralph Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Whether it was Ralph’s democratic leadership with order or Jack’s dictatorial leadership with chaos, the theme of power and control has been demonstrated throughout Lord of the Flies. The book has shown the good side of the theme where there are rules, order, and friendship among the group. However, it also displays the situations when it has been placed in the wrong hands. For example, Jack terrorising Ralph’s tribe after they separated. They attacked them, mocked them, and bullied them. The differences in Ralph’s and Jack’s approach to leadership closely resembles that of democratic leaders and common dictatorships. Ralph has Piggy to help him make decisions while Jack will choose what he wants and will not listen to anyone but himself. Lord of the Flies represents power and control with Jack being power hungry, the differences between Ralph and Jack, their relation with present day leadership methods, and how the whole theme had ruined the group. Throughout Lord of the Flies, it was clear that Jack did everything just to show his dominance and to control the boys on the island. Even in the beginning of the book, Jack was used to being in charge and telling people what to do. As the leader of the …show more content…
It was necessary to have so the boys would survive a lot longer, but it was also shown to be the metaphorical executioner of the boys’ teamwork and cooperation. “Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things.” (Golding 22). There would only be anarchy on the island if they did not have a leader. When Ralph took charge, the had proper rules, teamwork, and friendship. There were a few incidents of bullying, but other than that, it was a peaceful time. That was until Jack separated the group. With Jack wanting to control the group, it drove the boys apart. Power and control has clearly ripped apart the relationship between the