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The following report is on the issues and problem a client is facing while choosing a smartphone for him and how he can use the technology in the best possible way, along with maintaing his low-cost budget. He mostly spends his time visting client places during day time and so throughout the whole day, he is not able to check his mails until he returns back to his office. So for this he needs a good smartphone for him, that can solve his problems and so, he asks for a help from the business analysts, who has a quite good knowledge about the smartphones, the technology behinds it and can understand his problem and give him a nice solution..

Barry is looking for New Smartphone for Purchase. He needs to buy the phone ranging from $500-$700. He is confused taking which model shall he buy and what would be the better choice. He wants the Smart phone so as to keep in touch of his Emails while he is not in office. Barry wants to buy IPhone because of its high popularity among the masses. He has little knowledge about the technology thou. Barry also has an out-dated PC2004 at his home. The similar technology pc is at his office even. The report describes the requirements of Barry and the budget of Barry. After understanding the problems and Barry’s requirements he is advised to buy an Android based HTC ONE V, also Barry must upgrade his pc. The main reason why he is advised to buy the phone is because of the financial restrictions he has.


Sr. No Name Page No.

1. Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------3

2. INDENTIFYING BARRY’S PROBLEM and his potential choices ------------4

3. Importance of Questionaries ----------------------------------------------------5

4. RECOMMENDED SOLUTION ------------------------------------------------------------6

5. Suggesting a Phone ------------------------------------------------------------------8

6. Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------10

7. Bibliography -----------------------------------------------------------------------------11


A Business analyst has to deal directly deal with their clients and so it very important for him to build a good repo with his clients. Having a good repo will help him in building faith with the client.
In the current scenario a client named Barry wants to buy a new smart phone and is confused about which one to buy it in within his price constraint. He is inclined towards Apple’s IPhone 4S because of two major reasons. Firstly, it will help him check his Emails when he is away and secondly, because of its high demand in the public and the highly recognised brand name Apple.