Essay on Ram Dass "Being is loving by Dying"

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Frank Kelly

Quote Analysis #5

November 10, 2014

“Being is dying by loving”. For our final quote analysis we have definitely been presented with a challenge. My interpretation of this quote is that you must let go of all of you personal wants, needs, and demands in order to truly love someone.
Loving someone is very complicated and loving someone unconditionally is one of the most complex feelings for a human to feel. That is because we must give up all of the material objects we think we care about and all of the unnecessary feelings that we have in order to fully love someone. In other words, by “killing” the need for material things and all of your own wants, needs, and demands you will be able to fully love someone. Some would call this a metaphoric death. This is because their “old” self where they were demanding and full of wants for material things has been put behind them. Now there is a “rebirth” where they are now putting the demands and wants of the person that they love in front of theirs. Usually meeting someone who they think is “the one” triggers this “rebirth”. The key part is that you cannot force this “rebirth”, it must happen on its own. That is because if it is forced then it may be for lust rather than love. Love is what every human searches for and once it is found it is said to be a feeling of eternal euphoria. Some day I wish to reach obtain this feeling with someone romantically. Relating this to my life right now, this “rebirth” happened for me a long time ago. I always try to ensure that the wants and needs of my parents come long before my own. For example, I would rather walk home from school, which is a lengthy walk, rather than make my mom come pick me up after work. I have, and always will, hate making my parents give me rides because I feel as if I am wasting their time with my own wants. But, the fact that they are always willing to do whatever I want, even after a 10 hour day of work, makes me really feel that they love me the