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Rampage Around The World “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind”, Ghandi once said. When we hear the word violence, we generally think of abusing somebody, something or simply hurting another. That is generally right, although we do not recognize that there are several types of violence or abuse. Violence is an expression of aggression shown by an individual. The dictionary defines it as, “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.” Violence is revealed in several ways; One can exhibit violence in physical, Psychological, or sexual form or simply by neglecting someone to the point of deprivation.
Physical violence occurs when a person uses their body or an object to control your actions. Such violence includes pushing, shoving, slapping, kicking, strangling, choking, burning and the list goes on. Generally physical violence is shown and done on an average day. Usually you would think hitting or pushing your friend is cute and it shows your “love”, but it doesn’t. It is just another way to abuse your friend. It is may seem socially accepted because no one really thinks twice about it, yet we know about physical abuse and just think about a man hitting a woman That is just what society wants you to think, that it only happens in families and sexual relationships. People need to learn how to read in between the lines and keep their hand to themselves. Hitting, or by any means, putting your hand on another human being is not okay.
Sexual violence occurs when someone forces you to be involved in sexual activity against your will. Sexual abuse includes someone fondling you when you do not want them to, forcing you to have intercouse, getting forced to show off your body parts, denial of sexual information and education exposure to AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease, this list isn't limited to what is stated, it includes much more. We all know sexual abuse as forcing another to do something they are not willing to do, like rape for instance. We all know rape is wrong and those who are an accomplice in those actions will receive consequences. Although we never hear about it until years have passed, the victim is afraid and disgusted by themselves because they couldn’t do anything about it.That is the number one thing that bugs me as well, we focus on men only raping, we never glance at the other side. To add on, we have never heard of denial of sexual education following under that category. It makes complete sense though, if we aren’t educated about what diseases are out there and how to prevent them, the world and the person would be infested, it is cruelty. Woman and men need to stay confined with their body and acknowledge the right and wrong of being sexually active.
Emotional violence occurs when a person says or does something to make you feel uneducated or worthless. Emotional abuse deals with name calling, constant criticism, blaming relationship problems on a loved one, humiliation in front of others, threats and not allowing someone to have contact with anybody. The main reason why people emotionally abuse the one they love is because they themselves have been hurt by someone they love from their past. They might see a resemblance in their partner that reminds them of the person that hurt them so they act out to seek revenge unknowingly. As for the individual being abused, stays his or her partner because they feel like they deserve it, or they could change them. The individual believes they don’t mean it and that their partner they first met is still in there somewhere, it’s true love right? Wrong, emotional violence is not the key, seek help or communicate appropropriate with your partner.
Psychological violence occurs when somebody uses threats or causes fear to make you do as they please. Which includes, threatening to harm you or a loved one, threatening to harm themselves, verbal…