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Ramsey M. Hailey
Ms. Skoog
Marketing, 3rd
25 November 2014
Do Not Trade With Countries that Exploit Child Labor The United States should not trade with countries that exploit child labor. As presented before, children that are working in factories are doing it as a mean of income for their family and to help them out. These foreign countries that do this are just wrong. The longer the US continues to trade with them, the worse the United States’ image gets. Unstable working conditions and dangerous machinery and atrocious work hours are commonly mentioned when discussing child labor. While they are right and cause the most controversy, there are much more issues that go along with child labor that don’t get spotlighted.
Statistics on Children's Work and Education
Working children, ages 5 to 14 (% and population): 10.1 (3,717,540)
Working children by sector, ages 5 to 14 (%) Agriculture45.5Industry18.5Services36.0
School attendance, ages 5 to 14 (%): 81.2
Children combining work and school, ages 7 to 14 (%): 6.8
Primary completion rate (%): 74.6 Child labor is really a result of poverty. Basically, this means that families are so poor that they make their children work, but at what cost? A child that works has no time for their education to get a better job to better help their family.
Child labor also leads to prostitution, trafficking, slavery, etc. Because these are children let’s remember that, they are being underpaid but they don’t even realize it so the factories or farms or wherever they work