Random act of kindnes Essay

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Stephan George
J. Clarke
Eng. 307
10 February 2015

“Kindness And Its Reaction”

What is a random act of kindness? If your getting it from text it states: “A selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual.” Therefore you don’t always necessarily have to give somebody a physical object to make them happy, which is a common misconception. You just simply need to make someone feel joy that they probably don’t get often. It may not do anything for them but at the least it shows there are still people on this planet that care about everyone on it rather then just themselves. As long as you give another individual enough satisfaction that they gain an emotional pleasure from the act.

Just today I was walking to the store from my house. When I turned the corner leading me to the next street and I saw an RV. The front looked of rust and as if it had been rebuilt buy its owner. The back was reconstructed from what looked to be: dry wall, cardboard, rope, and tarp. As I was walking past it a tow truck had pulled up next to it, so I paused for a moment to see what was going on. I listened in on the conversation that the owner of the RV was having with the tow truck driver. He was told that he had 10 minutes to get all of his personal items out of the RV before it was towed. I watched the owner (in shock) rush to start grabbing all of his stuff, so I ran over to help. I approached the man and asked, “ Do you want me to help?” He turned around looking somewhat irritated but nodded and politely said, “yes, please”. After him I continued taking boxes of various personal belongings from the RV to the sidewalk. Once we had gotten everything out he said “thanks” and walked over to the tow truck driver. Knowing that I couldn’t provide any further help I just continued to walk to the store.

In the process of helping the man save his personal belongings from being towed away, I felt terrible. I couldn’t help but stop to ask myself “ where is he expected to go since the