Randy Weaver Trial Essay

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Web Assignment #3 The trial of Randy Weaver began on April 12, 1993 and sentencing took place that same year October 18th. Allegedly, Mr. Weaver aided in the death of U.S. Marshall the year before and that was what he was being tried for. Before the trial the Weaver family had a standoff with federal marshals at their home which sat on top of Ruby Ridge in Idaho. U.S. Marshalls came to the home attempting to serve Randy an arrest warrant. The warrant had been issued because Randy Weaver failed to appear in court to answer charges of firearms trafficking. This trial is famous to this day because the marshal’s service appears to have started the incident by firing first and during the standoff Mr. Weaver’s unarmed wife was killed by a SOG sniper. I see a few problems here, the first of which is that the U.S. Marshalls never announced who they were before they fired shots and they approached the house while wearing no identifying clothing. Another problem is that the first attempt to make clear to Randy Weaver exactly what the situation was did not occur until the sixth day of the standoff. It seems to me that a little common sense would have gone a long way to avoid a lot of problems in this case. With these facts in mind I cannot help but be partial to the side of the …show more content…
The charges against him were heresy, blasphemy, and desecrating the temple of Jerusalem and the trial took place sometime around 30-33 A.D. If ever there were an example of a political trial than this trial would be it. In all actuality Jesus did not break any laws. However he had managed to anger some high ranking Jewish priest. These priests were angered so much by him that they sought to put an end to him by seeking out his death. The case being as it was and the law being as it was in that time and place gave the priest much power and sway to ensure that they could bring their wishes into