Range Road 42: A Short Story

Words: 1228
Pages: 5

She is one of the lucky ones. Maria Valentina, of Italian decent, lives on Range Road 42. Range Road 42 is on the outskirts of society. The pantry is stocked with food in case of disaster. She owns a yappy little fucker for a dog. She does not leave the house much. The guns are kept in the closet. They are loaded. She knows how to kill. What she as done with her time in the world that is passing is no longer important in the world that is to come. This is the apocalypse.

Maria watched the news for weeks noticing a spike in disturbances. Perhaps a brush with too many mentally ill, perhaps police brutality not caught on camera, perhaps riots due to the upcoming election. Then one day there was no sinal. The phones were down. The radio was filled
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She slid over the bar and was running out the door. She slipped on the ice outside the bar and felt the snowflakes kisin er bare skin as she lay on the pavement. The man stumbled closer to Sammy. Sammy and the man stood inches apart. Sammy bit at the air and Yappy danced around the edges of Sammy's reach.

Maria with her butt still sore sat on the round staring at the two of them. The man lifted his hand into the air and a ringing sound caused him to drop. The gun fell from between Maria's hands. His body rolled forward into the snow. Sammy ripped into his throat first. Blood covered the rides of the man's trachea. As Sammy consumed the body jutted across the ground.

A profound sense of jealousy crept through Maria’s spine. Sammy experienced no pain. He had no desire other than to eat. People feared Sammy. Maria, a woman with crippling anxiety, substance abuse and depression desired nothing more than living death.

She got off the ground and closed the gap only to give the monster her arm. More blood and flesh stained the white ground. A messy pool flooded the front of the bar. She gave up her humanity, breathing out her last need other than flesh. The ankle biter went on instinct and most likely became prey to some other beasts in the